DEAR BLACK CHILD is a letter to all African children and the child within the Africa adult that builds  back what centuries have taken out, to build respect, restore dignity and most of all self-LOVE generation by generation.


DEAR BLACK CHILD is a movement that looks to empower the child within all our people across the African Diaspora.


The black child has for many years been a victim of attack and reduced self-worth through the continual barrage of negative influences and sentiments directed at us. There is an ever growing need for the child to be reminded of their greatness and how they can tap into their higher self.


Driven by positive commentary from ordinary individuals who have found the strength of the inner voice, the individual in the public arena and individuals who have quietly done amazing things, the movement is be driven by content that is written for us, by us and about our greatness.


DEAR BLACK CHILD, sees the continual barrage of negative social influences and sentiments reducing their self-worth and through our online platform, aim to counter these violently negative voices by providing enduring positive voices of ordinary folk and prolific individuals committed to validating the value of blackness in the world.

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